Icarus Rising


Fire Really Hurts

The group descended upon Icarus charged with a single mission: find the heretics that have been killing the Adeptus Ministorum and put an end to them. They liaised with Captain Parrington who explained just how disturbing the facts around these murders were.

In the past two months, 4 priests had been killed. Ritually slain and mutilated, the blood of the fallen was used to graffiti heretical slogans across the walls.

They decided to investigate the scene of the most recent killing, which had occurred the night before. With sharp eyes and keen intuition they quickly find evidence corroborating the testimony of the only witness to the crime.

Satisfied, they went to speak to this witness themselves to see what else they could learn. After a brief conversation they freed the witness, a roacher called Vernetta Kyrinov.

The tech-priest retired to do some research at the headquarters of the local planetary defence while the others went with Vernetta to a seedy bar. After a night of drinking they were ambushed in an alley way.

However, it seems the Emperor himself was watching over the Acolytes as none of their assailants managed to land a single shot, and when the last man readied a firebomb Verity calmly blew it out of his hand.



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