Icarus Rising

Slaughterhouse 5

After “hiding” the bodies and dragging an unconscious Verity to Vernetta’s apartment the acolytes slept off their drink and reported in next morning. To their surprise the Inquisitor had sent another member to join their merry band, an Arbiter called Florian who was none too pleased with the lackadaisical manner the party had conducted the investigation so far.

Returning to the scene of the ambush the party had a closer examination and recovered from evidence to be examined at the planetary defence station.

Through careful analysis and deductions they divined that the assassins were based or worked in an abattoir. They arrived at the only one in town and began questioning the foreman. A botched attempt to subdue him allowed him to raise the alarm before leaping to his death.

It seemed that half the slaughterhouse staff or more were in on the conspiracy! Dodging suppressing fire from a heavy stubber the acolytes advanced on their enemies ready to dispense the Emperor’s Justice.



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