Sebastian Aquila



Tall, slim, stern and always well groomed.


Orphaned child of a high ranking officer of the Imperial Guard killed by heretical traitors. Recruited by the Adeptus Arbites because of his analytical skills, tenacity, and faith as shown during the years he spent in his local Schola Prigenium, Sebastian has just finished his training after a period of study in the Hall of Judgement on Terra, where he specialised on the laws regarding the assimilation of planets into the Empire.

His skills, tenacity, and faith, however, are not balanced by common touch, social skills and field experience. His mentor is a friend of Inquisitor Hoest, who took Sebastian on board in order to finish his education and training. Sebastian’s specialism made him an obvious candidate for the mission. Inquisitor Hoest is concerned about his attitude, but he accepts that the trial will either kill Sebastian or make him a better arbitrator (and he is not that bothered by the problem anyway).

Sebastian Aquila

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