Icarus Rising

How To Make Friends and Alienate People

Before meeting with the mysterious Rogue Trader Neta von Heppel the Acolytes added a new Arbiter to their group, Sebastian Aquila.

They arrived at Neta’s place of residence and quickly surmised that someone had been hard at work fortifying the building, including adding a whole new wing which looked to be a repurposed ship hull. They went inside, bar Kyllyan who decided to take a look around and size the place up.

Upon noting the courtyard filled with trucks and even a Chimera armoured transport Kyllyan considered breaking in to take a closer look around, but quickly changed his mind when he noticed the sniper eyeing him up from the top floor of the mansion.

Back inside the Acolytes (led by Sebastian) took an aggressive avenue of questioning with Neta von Heppel, threatening her with arrest if she did not cooperate. Fortunately for the Acolytes she seemed to be in a good mood and was thoroughly amused by the thought that they could threaten her at all. She informed them that she had traded multiple shipments of weapons to a drug-dealer / warlord in the wastelands to the south called Zail the Immortal.

The acolytes thanked Lady von Heppel for her help and left to do some research. They were put in contact with a PDF captain Torben Abrahamson of Kossite Town. After turning a battered old truck into a really sweet ride the acolytes headed out to meet Zail.

Verity probed the mind of the warlord during the discussions and learned that he did have deals with Neta von Heppel but he is suspicious of the acolytes.

Zail agreed to give them the information they need in return for a favour…



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